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import medicine , consumable and medical equipment

We deal with the best and largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world

In order to provide the best results as well as to preserve the safety of the consumer, we also provide herbs, medical and natural preparations that are used in the field of personal care such as hair, skin, teeth and others.

We preserve the safety of the consumer

Supply of equipment, devices, medical supplies and laboratory equipment

We import medical equipment and devices and their operational supplies from major international companies, as well as provide medical laboratory equipment and supplies, from solutions tests to providing spare parts and maintenance

Supply of equipment and machines for physical therapy

The company provides all the services and machines that go into the field of physical therapy, so we realize that it is a therapeutic profession related to human functional performance and movement and increasing the mobility ability to the maximum extent possible

Supplying equipment, supplies, clothes, and special needs

The company imports all the supplies for people with special needs, including medical supplies, clothes, machinery, and supplies for the deaf, mute, and blind people, as well as manufacturing and providing artificial limbs and hearing devices

Providing hospitals, clinics and laboratories with all equipment and supplies

We are ready to supply hospitals, clinics, and laboratories with all the required medical devices, from medical furniture and beds to x-ray devices, Ventilator, Newbornincubator, and other medical supplies from the leading companies with will known brand

Import mother and child supplies
mother and child supplies

We provide all the requirements for the mother and the child, from Breastfeeding, baby milk, as well as medicaland natural materials of caring for children, including shampoos, oils, perfumes, and moisturizing creams

Providing ambulance services, cars, flight ambulance and ships inside and outside Libya
ambulance services

We have all the capabilities to provide ambulance service on the local and international scale. We are dealing with international companies specialized in this field. We can provide flying ambulances of all kinds, from ordinary to intensive care, as well as ambulances car and ships.

Providing medical services, consultations, and treatment services inside and outside Libya

The company has the ability to provide medical and therapeutic services and consultations in Libya, as well as treatment abroad, with assistance in preparing medical reports, processing, and reservations in hospitals outside Libya, and providing ambulance, reception at the airport, and transportation

Availability of medical and medical assistants from inside and outside Libya

We can providing all the medical cadres required from the local or international Experts in all medical specialties, from machine and equipment technician to physiotherapy technician, As well as nursing, we also provide qualified educational cadres in the medical field to give lectures, teaching, and training for medical and medical assisting staff.

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